Welcome to our Brand New Website!

flex website (1).jpg

We are excited to announce the launch of the brand new Flexineb® website! We hope the new site is a useful resource for veterinarians, trainers, owners and equine professionals in the United States and beyond. The website has been optimized for all devices, from desktop computers to tablets and smart phones, so our on-the-go customers can access information, shop or find their nearest retailer in just a matter of minutes. 

In addition to traditional PDF resources, the site also boasts an "Ask the Vet" feature where horsemen and horsewomen can ask technical questions about our product and nebulization in general from from a practicing equine veterinarian. 

Looking to purchase? Great! In addition to an online store, the new site also boasts a powerful Retailer Locator feature where you can find all of our products from a trusted dealer in your area. 

We are excited to offer our cutting edge website to our existing customers as well as introducing the Flexineb® product to more veterinarians, trainers, riders and owners. Enjoy the new website and please don't hesitate to ask questions or provide feedback!