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Clinical Publications

Flexineb® is the most thoroughly researched equine nebulizer on the market today, supported by peer reviewed articles and studies.




Flexineb & Nuclear Scintigraphy

Nuclear scintigraphy is a helpful diagnostic modality generally used, in horses, to look at radioisotope uptake in bone. Download PDF.

NDS27, a Hydrosoluble Form of Curcumin, Modulates Neutrophil Activation in a Horse Model of LPS Induced Neutrophilia

Aim: To assess the effects of inhalation of a hydrosoluble form of cucumin derivate, NDS27 (2), in a horse model of LPS induced lung neutrophilia. Download PDF.


Management of an Ulcer on the Epiglottis by Nebulizing BioPro-Plus

After being claimed, a filly is presented with an intermittent, non-productive cough that shortly thereafter developed a mucopurulent exudate. Download PDF.

Pharmacokinetics, Pulmonary Disposition & Drug Tolerability.

Aim: To compare the disposition of liposomal gentamicin (LG) and free gentamicin (FG) in the plasma, pulmonary epithelial lining fluid and bronchoalveolar cells of healthy foals after IV administration or by nebulization, and to assess the tolerability of the drug after repeated IV dosing. Download PDF.


Inhalation with NDS27 Attenuates Pulmonary

RAO (Recurrent Airway Obstruction) or heaves is a chronic respiratory disease that affects mature horses. It is characterized by neutrophilic inflammation and delayed neutrophilic apoptosis leading to lower airway inflammation, bronchoconstriction and mucus accumulation. Download PDF.

Clinical Case Report: Flexineb Use with Quarter Horse

Dr. Kerstin Fischer, Veterinary Surgeon, specialist vet for horses: Use of inhalation therapy in show Quarter Horse, undertaken using the Nortev Flexineb inhaler. Download PDF.