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Hear from veterinarians, trainers, riders and owners from around the world about their experience with Flexineb®. 

I absolutely love my Flexineb machine, for a variety of reasons but the three that stick out to me the most are the following: The Flexineb is the only unit that is battery operated which I have found to be a huge advantage at rodeos where I didn’t bring a generator, or with horses that get nervous and feel more at ease to walk around while they get nebulized. It is also silent, which is perfect for nervous or young horses, or even ones that just haven’t had a treatment before. I feel at ease knowing that my horses are using a Flexineb, which reaches farther down than other machines that I’ve tried in the past! I have personally seen the difference it has made in horses with allergies, and has helped bleeders. The ease of use, and peace of mind makes Flexineb one of my favorite products in the barn!
— Rachel D'Ellena, Barrel Racer | Rhode Island
We recently started using the Flexineb® product in our practice and are so impressed with the ease of use and how quietly the system operates. All types of horses have tolerated treatments well and owners are pleasantly surprised to see how comfortable their horses are during treatments. This product has changed the way we approach respiratory cases.
— Marsha M. Severt, DVM | Brown Creek Equine Hospital, North Carolina
We were originally considering a basic $350 nebulizer with all of the wires and hoses. Ultimately, we purchased the Flexineb system. I’ve used both and this one is fantastic. Horses never mind the way this mask fits, it’s not cumbersome and you can see it working. It is the best investment you can make!
— Katie Sancuk, MD
The Flexineb® is the best thing I have had as an aid to my horses! It is a crucially important piece of equipment and so easy to use.
— Jessica Harrington, Leading Irish Dual Racehorse Trainer
I have been using the Flexineb® on my top horses and I have definitely seen a difference in their work and performance. It’s a great tool for breaking up mucus and clearing out the horse’s respiratory system.
— Colm Murphy, Leading Irish Racehorse Trainer
I have used the Flexineb® adult mask in a few horses with pneumonia and I was impressed with how well it works and how silent it is. The horses tolerate it very well and it is much faster than what I had used before.
— Steve Giguere DVM, PhD, DACVIM Professor and Hodgson Research Chair in Equine Studies | College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, Athens, GA
When we arrived at a large international competition after frequent travel on the Continent and on the competition circuit, I found Castallo Z had a dry cough from all of the environmental and temperature changes he was being exposed to. The travel by road and air really takes its toll on the respiratory system. After just two treatments with Flexineb® he was himself again, going on to win the jump off in Grand Prix for the Italian team. He has been in great form since. As he is a stallion, he also does a lot of calling in the stables to the mares, so saline treatments with the Flexineb® has helped with sore throats and keeping his lungs in perfect condition. After all, he is an elite athlete! Today, we will not travel without our Flexineb® E2; it is an essential part of our equipment which we take all over the world.
— Piergiorgio Bucci
We use the Flexineb® nebulizer as a management tool under the guidance of our veterinarians. It is user-friendly for both the horse and personnel and is effective in managing respiratory issues. I commend you for developing products that we can use to better manage the respiratory system of the horse.
— Bill Casner, Owner, Trainer and Breeder - Kentucky & Texas
We use the Flexineb® on any of our horses with slight respiratory problems and it clears them out. It does its job well.
— Dessie Hughes, Leading Irish Racehorse Trainer
Without the Flexineb®, it’s possible I would not have made it to Burghley or finished in 6th place. Leonidas had a lower airway infection leading up to Burghley and using the Flexineb® every day helped clear up the problem. The Flexineb® was very easy to use and the horse was not upset by it at all. I now use it on all of my horses after long trips to help clear away any mucus that has accumulated. It is a very useful addition to our training program.
— Sir Mark Todd, 3 Day International Event Rider - NZL
Roger is one of my top barrel horses and he enjoys the Flexineb® system for his breathing treatments. Many people ask if he gets nervous with it, but if anything he gets more relaxed when the Flexineb® is on him.
— Britta O’Keeffe, Barrel Racer & Women’s Professional Rodeo Association Member - North Dakota
I am absolutely amazed at how much my pony improved this winter since using the Flexineb®. I acquired my beloved pony Robin in 2009 because his airway disease had become difficult to deal with. He has been managed well with environmental changes until this year when it became evident he needed more. The Flexineb® has literally changed Robin’s life. It’s easy to use, silent, and very well tolerated. My pony is happy and healthy today because of it. I would recommend this product to anyone with a horse suffering from recurrent airway obstruction.
— Katie Pinner, BS, Lead LVT | Bush Advanced Veterinary Imaging - Richmond, Virginia
I used the Flexineb® on Portersize Just a Jiff last summer in the run up to The European Eventing Championships. Jiff sometimes gets a dry cough when he travels frequently and the Flexineb® is the best device to get rid of the cough.
— Camilla Speirs, Irish International Event Rider
The Flexineb® helped my older horse recover from a severe bout of pneumonia in record time! I would highly recommend the Flexineb® in the treatment of any respiratory condition.
— Gina, Trail Rider
I used the Flexineb® on Moon Dice in his preparation for the Galway Hurdle and believe that it was of great benefit to the horse.
— Paul Flynn, Racehorse Trainer | *Moon Dice went on to win the €159k Galway Hurdle
Once in a while you come across a gem of a device; the Flexineb® is certainly the jewel in opening the lungs of my horse The Only One before cross country or for getting rid of an annoying dust allergy cough in Ravenstar.
— Jayne Doherty, Irish International Event Rider
We have been using the Flexineb® on Sprinter for the past five months and have seen huge results in Sprinter’s performance. It is a great invention and I would recommend it to anyone with horses or ponies with COPD.
— Louise Moloney, Colligan Equestrian Centre
I love my new Flexineb®. When you said it was quiet, I had no idea it would be so quiet you can hardly hear it. I bought it for my horse, Shezabee, who is one of the spookiest horses I know. Every other product scared her during the entire treatment. She now never moves a muscle when using the Flexineb® since it is so quiet. This machine is by far the best out there and it is definitely worth the money. Thank you for making a great product.
— Lacey G. - Texas
Kirbybroguelantern has benefited greatly from the Flexineb® as it was his first run after a long break.
— Tom Hogan, Irish Racehorse Trainer