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Aerosol Droplet Size

The Flexineb® Equine Nebulizer is unique in that it can be supplied with different type medication (med) cups depending on the application and drug or liquid nebulized. It is very important to understand that some drugs and natural solutions will require a specific Flexineb® med cup to enable successful nebulization and delivery to the target site of infection.

The drug or natural solution nebulized can have a significant impact on delivery rate and aerosol droplet size. Please consult with our staff veterinarian so we can recommend the correct med cup for your specific application.

For example, a med cup that successfully nebulizes 0.9% saline @ 1ml/min may not be able to nebulize a viscous drug or natural solution due to viscosity and surface tension of the liquid solution. In this case, we have the ability to supply a suitable med cup for these challenging applications. We can produce med cups with delivery rates ranging from 0.4ml/min to >3ml/min (when tested with 0.9% saline) for specific applications.

An example of results achieved to date nebulizing a variety of solutions are shown in the table below and demonstrate our ability to produce med cups suitable for specific applications. Please refer back regularly for updates as new medications and natural solutions continue to be tested.

Horse Nebulizer Antibiotic Saline Upper Respiratory.jpg

* Dv50 (µm) means 50% of droplets are below this value and 50% are above this value.

Different medications and natural solutions can produce significantly different droplet size results and delivery rates.

Nortev droplet size testing is carried out by independent laboratory @ Melbourn Scientific UK.

Flexineb vs. Human Nebulizers & Horse Masks

There has been a recent trend of companies attaching human nebulizers to equine nebulizer masks as a low-cost substitute for the Flexineb E2. In reality, the these off-the-shelf human nebulizers are low-value and not designed or fit for use in the equine industry.

In an effort to compare the Flexineb to human nebulizers attached to horse masks, please reference the overview of the product features below:


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